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Old School Player "that was been viewing this project for a few years now"


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Hey fellow Renegade gamers.

I remember playing renegade the day it came out and how much fun i had with the online game play, it really was an amazing game and the community was like no other.

I've been watching the mod for a number of years now and i finally broke down and actually made an account "this is amazing seeing how i hate forms and everything about them :eek: "

So i guess what im saying is, how do i help move this project forward as well as join the multiplayer beta?

Id also be happy to donate money as well as help spread the word if that would help.

Thank you!

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  • Developer

Hey, thanks for your interest in this project. The multiplayer version will be put out later this year (2013), exact date has not yet been decided. If you're an artist, you could try to join the team, otherwise the best way to help us is to spread the word and keep up with our updates.

Website: http://www.renegade-x.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CNCRenX

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RenXGame

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/NEfobbyGEN

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Man i loved Renegade when it came out waited in line at the store first one there $59.99 or some crazy price like that.

I played for years then the game got cheaters and i stopped playing it.

Really am dying to play some new renegade-x

Can't wait for the date,i will try not to be late,

Do do some killing!

and ya man i am a willing.


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