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Fobby said I should post an app here, so here it is. I'm applying to help fobby with the sounds and ambience of Renegade 2007, and maybe some video work later down the line. As many of you know, I'm the sound artist for C&C Reborn and have made many sounds and ambiences for said mod (anyone from the reborn team and beta testers will have heared most of them) I've done a few smaller projects that are dotting around the internet, such as the Renegade to Tiberian Sun sound conversion, and a few voice packs for UT2004. I've also made a few videos, most are just trailers for Reborn, but there are others that I've done (search for WNxKain on youtube to see them.) and I'll be working on a few new videos shortly. I've got an idea as to what direction Fobby wants mod to go in as far as sounds go, and would like the chance to help him bring a more up to date version of what we all know from renegade, but keep the same theme that made ren so good to play.

Ok, application over, I'm a sucky writer so forgive me on that ground tongue.gif

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  • Totem Arts Staff

No it's perfect, nice set of words.

I fully understand what Pend is capable of doing, as I have been working with him for over 2 years. We've also needed 1 more person to help me with sound engineering, so in my opinion he makes the team, what do you think Titan?

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