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Tips/Tutorial - Game Design Documents.


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Game design documents are critical components of any staple game or modification.

Many modifications have collapsed due to a lack of organisation and general design.

To prevent future tragedies from claiming many future modifications and projects, here is a link to give budding game designers a clue of how to get their ideas onto paper in a helpful and easily organised format.



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QUOTE (Hyncharas @ Sep 24 2008, 10:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
DesignDocs are easy.

I've written two business plans this year and are in the process of writing a third. That's hard from a standpoint of market research.[/b]

Business plans are not like design docs. :P

There's a specific structure and style to them.
Capture the Dude is probably one of the worst games ever made, but its design document is referenced as one of the best:

Always a great reference for design docs.
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