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Microsoft on UT3 Mods on 360


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  • Totem Arts Staff

In an interview with 1UP Microsoft's Shane Kim says a few words about the possibility of Unreal Tournament 3 user mods making it onto the Xbox 360 version of the game.

1UP: At the Sony conference yesterday, Epic announced a multi-stage deal with Sony about various things, starting with optimizing the Unreal Engine 3. They announced that Unreal Tournament 3, originally an Xbox 360, PS3, PC game, is now at least a timed exclusive for the PS3. But, something that was a very big bullet point and something Epic's talked about far back with UT is the mod space. At the last TGS, Tim Sweeney, Epic's CEO, said they were frustrated because everything Sony was telling them was that the platform was open, but Sweeney was quoted as saying they were frustrated with Microsoft because it was a closed network and Microsoft wasn't open to user generated content. When, and if, UT3 arrives on 360, how are you going to address that huge feature difference?

Kim: Yeah, it is - on one hand. In general, a) we're bringing user generated content to our platform. Look at what's happening with Forza Motorport 2 with the auction house and the livery editor, that's just taken off huge. It's not the same kind of user generated content model that Epic is going to do with UT, but it is user generated content. We have just as much interest in that space as anybody else, but I will tell you that there is a lot of value to managing the service and system the way we do on Xbox Live, versus the wild, open, supposedly open PlayStation Network. You're going to have to be very careful about what happens and we'll see how much responsibility the platform holder actually takes there in terms of managing that stuff.

Shane Kim talks more about Xbox 360 and E3 2007 in the rest of the interview.


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The console people can't play against the PC people. So it is regular hitboxes vs regular hitboxes, and large hitboxes+auto-aim vs large hitboxes+auto-aim.

Although EPIC has asked the public if they'd be interested in cross-platform multiplayer, they haven't said they will try it.

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360 needs to finally get some KB+mouse support, I know theres a way now, but an official patch thru the 2 usb ports would fix that problem.

that way they don't have to nerf the hitboxes.

and yes I know, people want to sit on a couch, but they can get one of those lap table thingys

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Originally posted by Darkz

Note, the 360 does NOT work like that...

would have to be completely reformatted...

*sighs at stupidity*

You call me stupid because I don't own a Xbox nor have I played one? Man, you're funny, Ever thought about a job in comedy? :roll:

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