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I got a Problem


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Because of (probably) my PC is too slow sad.gif , so i can't get Ued 3.0....(i tried to install Roboblits demo) but i hope someone can zip only required the Ued files +textures (sound's and music not needed), not the game contents, just the full edtor...or a suggestion of another way to get it...(beside upgrading PC....)

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I don't think there is any other way to get it. I'm pretty sure it is integrated pretty deeply into the game because it needs to be able to place any available asset (includes music and sounds).

And really if you can't get that stuff to install now, you really are going to need an upgrade/new computer.

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It's Unreal Editor 4.0 for Unreal Engine 3.0. Confusing? yep.

Anyways, I've found a few spots for the Roboblitz demo. If this unreal engine's like any other previous version of the engine (Maps made in unreal 2004 3186 work in unreal 2004 3369), maps made in this editor should work, no garuentee though.

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http://www.roboblitz.com/ here u get get the origional, i got most far here with installing....

ye i think i have to upgrade....but i can?t do it now.....because now i got to work for school....(last weeks r tough ones)

and i can't permit addiction atm tongue.gif ...lol....i think i'll but a nice Graph-card on my last schoolday biggrin.gif wrapped up with some RAM tongue.gif .... maybe u can tell what Graph-card I should buy best.... here are my PC spec's:

Windows XP

intel celeron CPU: 2.80 GHz Clockspeed: 2.79GHz, 448 MB

ATI Radeon 9100 IGP (64 MB :o ops: :cry: :roll: )

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