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My barn for field WIP.


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Ok so I got bored and started and I think this one is actually good! biggrin.gif

So what do you think? (minus the texture and unfinished parts) would you enjoy seeing this in ren07? (it will be taller)


Thoughts, comments, constructive criticism.

PS:The inside is just a plane right now, noting more.

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The roof has way to many polys, the raised area can be done with a normal map or even a texture....Most likely the barn will be made out of brushes in Unreal editor...It could be a static mesh tho, as the engine handle each just aswell....but brushwork lights up better, IMO

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Ever used Unreal Edit? It's probably the simplest editor for something as complex as a full 3D game, with particle effects, integrated simple and complex physics, vehicle handling, 3D audio with doppler shift simulation and the myriad of other features in Unreal.

When you look at how complex the game is, you begin to realise why the editors are so complex.

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