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Expansion of Renegade Plans (?)


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Hello! A thought came across me, and probably has come across hundreds of other C&C Renegade fans.

Have you ever had the thoughts or dreams of incorporating some of the unusable vehicles into Mutliplayer and to be drivable? For example, the NOD Truck as a formal extras vehicle. The recon bike either as a formal extras vehicle or available through the normal NOD purchase menus. The SSM launcher for artillery perhaps (possibly good for larger maps; could be enabled on specific maps like there are _Flying maps). The A10 Thunderbolt, Sakura's Chopper, the C10 Cargo Plane (perhaps for paratrooping on large or huge maps with _Flying enabled or something), Hovercraft (since you are using U3, this might be an awesomely new vehicle to introduce into the battlefields), Gunships (large or huge maps), the Submarine (large or huge maps), and possibly other vehicles I may have left out.

I am probably more supportive for incorporating Hovercrafts, Sakura's Chopper, and the Recon Bike for formal combat/transport/misc. Since the NOD Truck is pretty weak and could almost even be categorized with the Sedan and Truck, it should probably be in the specials or extras menu.

How about weapons? Any more vehicles? Features? smile.gif

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Originally posted by NiCKLESS

I can put a rammy through your body if you want me to, just don't whine when you start bleeding (or whatever it is that visceroids do when they get hurt).

lol....i think it was in the blackcell server....that u could become a visceriod, and when u got a weapon, then it appeared right through it's body, a visceriod is a VERY large tiberium-based Amoeba..... biggrin.gif

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