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Name : Rob Baker

Nick : Killa

Availability : Low until June (end of semester)

Skills : Fair Knowledge in 3DS Max, Very good Knowledge in Photoshop, Can model and unwrap, and I am also getting back into doing textures with photoshop.

Previous Work : Currently Working for A Path Beyond, and soon to be doing some work for TIberian Dawn (Aprimes mod for CNC3), I also have some more experience in webdesign and very very basic C++ coding skills.

Work Examples







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Nice work, do you have any example of texture work in PS?

models are nice, we need big help on the texturing end though..

Either way im sure theres a few things you could help out with modeling still.

Theres a sticky post on what we have done, hasn't been updated in awhile, ask about anything you'd like to do.

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unfortunatly, i lost my 2nd 500GB external HDD in my flood 2 years ago, which contained ALL my photoshop work sad.gif So i have no examples. I also have to get back into because since the flood i ahve focused more on web design and the last 7 months have been on 3DS Max.

It wont take me long to get back into the habbit! I will try to texture something tonight, but no guarntee's it will be done tonight, I might jsut doa quick model of something or maybe take a go at texturing the model of the new Reborn Mammoth MKII!

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