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How about a game this sunday?


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  • Totem Arts Staff

GMT-5 ?

1AM GMT thats pushing it abit for europeans lol ill see if i can make it

and it dose help to spesify a server lol as as there is only 1 running at the moment here is the info lol


Server IP:

Port: 7777

use renx-ip or use command line by hitting F10 in main menu and type in "open" with out the ""

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  • Totem Arts Staff

In my experience of international Renegade clans, clanwars, tournaments, Dev Nights, and Renegade X gaming, 3:00pm EST as a starting point works best. In the middle of the day for East coasters (majority player base), noon for West coast, and evening for Europeans (8pm and 9pm)

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