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humvees, buggy's driving...


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now i know that you think i'm being to picky, but i'm just tryning to get back the old renegade experience i like, you done a really good job on almost everything, i assure you. but the vehicles seen to be a little undone, especialy the humvees and buggys. when you're playing ren-x, you'd probably know they feel different from renegade, i'm not saying i dont welcome change, i just think that they are no longer close to the original. because in renegade, you feel that smoothness when you turn your buggy/humvee around, it makes driving long distances bearable. but in renegade-x, all the turns you make are too sharp and over turned, you dont get the "drift" that it used to have. to be specific. the humvee suffers from serious overturn, and it feels like youre driving rubber on rubber. it's just something minor, no biggie, but it just gives the humvees and the buggys another reason to buy when you have absoulutly nothing to do at all, like take a drive-by in it

so, if you're reading this, just change the settings a little, give those poor lower class vehicles something to exist for.

*i know about the spelling mistakes.

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Some tweaking can be done yes. However I think the whole thought of smoothness is sorta the opposite. All the vehicles in ren seem to have next to no grip, they dont seem to have any sort of weight or feel to them, the physics were almost non existant. I prefer the ren-x vehicles on the count of they all feel like you're driving something that has weight, and feels grippy.

None the less though, some tweaks will be made because it does sometime seem to turn too sharp.

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