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Would you please put more strings in localization files?


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He's asking us to put all in-game text strings into a single set of files, rather than in all the various files. so that they can be translated with ease.

For example, the list of radio commands are called in one script file, the names of the buildings in another. He's asking us if we can centralize all in-game text -so the names of buildings and radio commands are in one file (as an example). The more this is done, the easier it is to translate.

Where I work, we have tools that allow the translation to do their job without entering the script files - we dont have this luxury with UnrealScript.


In reference to the question:

We're currently re-programming the entire game from scratch so the script structure may be very different to what it is in the 0.5 builds.

Our scripters have their hands full at the moment. but I'll put in a word and see what can be done :) .

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Changing the script files may cause some problems,such as unable to play online.

The localization files are int files in Renegade\Localization\INT folder.

If all in-game text strings are in int files(just as what you did for the purchase menu), it can provide a safe and easy way for translation(localization)

Have I made myself understood?

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