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Renegade X Detail OS?


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Sorry I have been posting so much today but I was just wondering if when Renegade X comes out, if it will work with Windows 7? Also, will 1 cd only be able to install on one computer? I would want to put Renegade X on 3 computers (including my Windows 7 PC), would I be able to do that? Last thing, when is the specified release date of Renegade X or is there none yet? Any comments would be helpful thx. ;)

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Alright. First thing, Yes it will work with Windows 7. Second, Renegade X is an indie game, meaning its a free game which you download from the internet, there is no CD. You can download it how many time you want, on as many computers as you want.

And for the release date; It's done when it's done.

I hope I was of help!

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Just a clarification: "indie" doesn't mean "free".

'Indie' is a term for independent, which means the development team is free from the ties of a publishing company. Just because a company is independent, doesn't mean they can't and wont charge for it. Such examples are Jagex (the UKs most successful UK developer), Blitz Games and Valve to extent.

Renegade-X will be free nonetheless. You will simply need a broadband internet connection to download the game and a PC capable of running it.

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