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mp-server has been going mad


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  • Totem Arts Staff

ok some 1 is using a bot or somthing to make lag on the server .. the gitt even used my nick and made me comit suiside about 20 times !!!!

[19] <%RXBot> [Death] [MP]kenz3001 killed himself.
[19] <%RXBot> chance4u joined the game
[19] <%RXBot> [Death] [MP]kenz3001 killed himself.
[19] <%RXBot> [Death] [MP]kenz3001 killed himself.
[19] <%RXBot> maybe20 joined the game
[19] <%RXBot> [Death] [MP]kenz3001 killed himself.
[19] <%RXBot> croco229 left the game
[19] <%RXBot> [Death] [MP]kenz3001 killed himself.
[19] <%MPRenX> c4slash changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%RXBot> Tommyjuk3: how many recs do you have ken?
[19] <%MPRenX> crossfire changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%MPRenX> Player973 changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%MPRenX> Player974 changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%MPRenX> Player975 changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%MPRenX> Player976 changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%RXBot> [MP]kenz3001: 288
[19] <%MPRenX> Player979 changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%MPRenX> tamp changed his name to [MP]kenz3001
[19] <%MPRenX> TorqUeZ changed his name to [MP]kenz3001

i know zunnie ban him/her once, but he/she seems to havea dynamic ip coz the gitt is back

[20] <%RXBot> volcom left the game
[20] <%MPRenX> volcom changed his name to Blacky
[20] <%RXBot> crysis882 left the game
[20] <%MPRenX> crysis882 changed his name to Blacky
[20] <%RXBot> {Os}Jakerz joined the game
[20] <%RXBot> Blacky left the game
[20] <%MPRenX> Blacky changed his name to Dr.Destroy3r
[20] <%RXBot> Majid123 joined the game

and alots more nicks than that

think this needs to be fixed, yes ?

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  • Totem Arts Staff
QUOTE ((NE)Fobby(GEN) @ May 10 2010, 06:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It says we had 45 players on Saturday; I don't remember that happening.[/b]

no it was that "hacker" he was adding playes changing the name then leaving .... i think thay where ghosting ... but only 1 person would show up in game :huh:
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This guy has been bugging us before on C&C Renegade. He uses a lot of IPs which makes it almost impossible to ban him (we already banned a big range of IPs), since not many people have unique ids on UT3/Renegade X we cannot ban him his hash. :-(

QUOTE (Jam @ May 10 2010, 11:21 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
QUOTE (oxi @ May 10 2010, 10:18 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Don't you get any sort of serial detection with the server logs?[/b]

You are not required to fill in a serial key with UT3. You can just skip that window. Every person who hasn't filled in a serial has 0 as its 'unique' hash. Maybe we should suggest the developers implementing unique client ids for the UDK release.


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  • Totem Arts Staff
QUOTE (Pr0eX @ May 12 2010, 08:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
interesting... I'm a little inactive at the moment at RenX but how could he let you commit suicide? is it a bot feature he abused? or UT3 directly?[/b]

i think is an exploit from UT3

i would imagen it was a app bot ... using the console commands ... i came out of renx game coz was sick off all the join parts text, and he when in as my nick.
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QUOTE (Pr0eX @ May 12 2010, 09:15 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
interesting... I'm a little inactive at the moment at RenX but how could he let you commit suicide? is it a bot feature he abused? or UT3 directly?[/b]

Kenz didn't phrase it correctly, the guy didn't make kenz commit suicide but he used Kenz's name and committed suicide.
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QUOTE (zunnie @ May 18 2010, 12:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Well dudley dropped a large subnet for his IP in IPSec rules on the serverbox and he doesnt seem to be able to get on anymore now.
I'm not sure if any innocents are victim of this ban though, i hope not, probly not.[/b]

I cannot join your server a bit after the dates of these posts and it shows ping 9999

i click on it and i see a ut3 screen and cant get past taht it doesnt say im banned

i havent done anything just wanted to try this mod & play with other ppl and this is like the most popular to join
noob hacker I cannot join any server on renx
i am unable to join anything anymore
your ban may include me

this will be a problem because if i am included in the ban, i cannot keep the same ip
mine also periodically change :mellow: i cannot block the change. sometimes I just lose the connection 5 mins and i come back with a new ip
i have checked again from time to time and it is still 9999
this is the only post of this kind and i think i am in this ban but not sure
maybe the hacker is gone now and will not come back at least not right after you take this ban off if i am included with it
why did the hacker do that do you know 4fun?

did you talk with the hacker some day and just tell him to stop
thx for looking up for my issue
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I also seem to be unable to join your server. I get the same symptom as Speedlap. I see a 9999 ping. Do you know who has hammered your server yet? I would like to help the community grow by participating myself and going in Renegade to spread the word. Your server seems the way to go. I am surprised I haven't seen an answer to this person for a few weeks. If the person hammering this server is going to do like mandai, or even worse, then how could I not be banned if I use the same service as the hacker. If you can't do anything now, I would like to see a change with Renegade-X on the UDK since I think your server will probably be the most popular one when this will be released. This community is just starting and there is already someone defeating it up and brings so many problems. What is he going to do next? Try to ban everyone he sees? That cannot continue like that. I am one of the people who want to see a success with this mod. One of the reasons being the problem with cheats or that someone thinks someone else cheat. Why this topic has been ignored is beyond me. The hacker could be a big troublemaker and who knows what he has done so far. Not only in Renegade-X, but everything else. It can be worse than you think. I expect a support about this because I cannot access your server at all. I am not happy because I see a few players sometimes and on the other server, I barely see anyone when I want to play Renegade-X. I am not banned on the other server yet and I have never had any trouble there before. Until there are other servers, I don't see how I can have fun with other players other than asking every five minutes in Renegade. Most of the time they don't have UT3 when it's not so expensive. Well, I don't know about their wealth but if the game is only 10 bucks, then it should be quite easy to get them, especially if someone can afford to buy an Internet connection and a gamer rig to play different games. I am looking forward to an unban because that's what I think I got. I bet the troublemaker has had fun pissing off the most people he could. This community is young and has just started! I wish you a success with this noob. Can't believe...

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