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Maty got a games job!


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Hey guys!

I got offered a full-time position, permanent, as a QA Tester for a games company based in the UK. They've asked me not to post what company just yet for fear of "nutty fans" tracking me down!! D:

Its a brand new, upcoming MMORPG, and I start in April - gotta relocate now! :)

Its not art, or design or any of that jazz, but as for just about anyone in the industry, its the best place to start! Roll on 6 months of nothing but testing the same game 9-6, 5 days a week!

Some awesome bonuses too, healthcare (which we don't need in the UK, but its awesome to have), gym, free cycle repair, fresh fruit every day, annual company and personal performance bonuses, company days out (4 per year). Did I mention the games room with 2x 60" TVs with 360s and PS3s, internet café, games room (as in board games) and more!

So here starts my career :) . It wont stop me doing Renx stuff though, back to the transp... oops... I mean model you don't know I'm working on ;) !

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