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Old Renegade Habbits


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Post your old Renegade Habbits you still do at Renegade-x

I still Refill the Hotwire/Tech because I think you get 6 Mines

I switch to pistol after I die because I think it starts unloaded

I also try to purchase trough walls sometimes

Still Right-clicking in Flametanks

Anybody got more of these :P?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

i havent played renegade for a long time so i dont realy have any habbits, but i do keep hitting Q button for hoverboard thinking its UT3 lol

but i do keep trying to repair with proxie C4 thinking Hotwire's first weapon is the repairgun :S handy but not when ya building is almost dead lol

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pistol refill

I used to break hon's windows with my soldier's head, and sometimes I'm really angry when i can't jump out Hon in RenX

try to buy through walls

always turn around with vehicles, to drop me out on the safer side during exit, then wondering why just happened the opposite.(because I always face the enemy when I get out)

I tap K really fast. (thanks devs we can even drive during this)

never drive close to WF on Islands (But once the old Ren bug happened in RenX too, :o it was quite weird)

When I'm inside a building I always stand where arty's splash damage won't hurt me.

I shoot the buildings on spots where the splash damage might hurt /kill teh repairers.

Sometimes I drive my vehicles into the water.

Rotating mammy's turret left and right to make each shot a hit. At least for the first couple of shots. Then I realize I'm in RenX.

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My Habbits:

already posted:

Switch to pistol after spawning

Not driving close to WF - WF-bug

HON Windows - Repairgun, Head...

Tapping "K"

Trying to get acess to PTs from outside buildings

further habbits:

Shotgunning Harvy for Points in the beginning of a map :rolleyes:

Trying to spot Stanks and SBHs via eva tracer :lol:

Rightclick Attack with Flamers and MRLS - does that have ANY effect in Renx???

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I constantly hit TAB for some reason.

I always used to shoot to a music beat when i was bored.

And killing the HON and strip glass was something i always used to do... lol. :P

Kinda makes me want to install renny again and play some good ol' games like in the old days.

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