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Renegade 2?


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There's a possibility of a Renegade 2 or a new C&C FPS game.

Crysis Goes In-House at EALA - March 3rd, 2007

In a recent internal meeting at EALA on February 23rd, 2007, it was announced to the project team leaders of all EALA projects that the Crysis engine would be moving in-house in the very near future. Speculation began to arise internally about a Command and Conquer Renegade sequel seeing that the EALA studio is primarily known for RTS titles and Crysis is a next generation FPS engine. After discussing this with an EALA employee who wishes to not be named, it was stated that there is an extremely high chance that Electronic Arts? LA studio will be developing a new FPS Command and Conquer title for the PC. It is not known if the title will be a true sequel to Renegade or a new stand alone IP however EA is very serious about exploring the options of the Crysis engine with current IPs. Stay tuned as we get more information.

Details on the exclusive interview on Command and Conquer 3 will be released shortly. We are attempting to protect the identity of our source.[/b]


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I think EA knows what the C&C fans want now, After playing the beta of Tiberium Wars, It had a good feel of the old C&C games but with a nice new feel to it that didnt go in the "generals" direction.

Would be interesting to see if they start paying our mod some attention. Crysis engine looks beautiful, but is very next gen, It features DX10 which only a couple of video cards have been set for retail sales... Also, vista will need to be your OS for use of DX10 games.

I built a laptop back about 4 months back witha 7900gs and a free upgrade to vista, i'd allready have to rip that card out to play a DX10 game, and i still havent installed vista due to its comapatabilty problems with certain applications, 3dsmax for one.


Back to reality....

Well this does seem like a hoax...

crysis is the games name http://www.electronicarts.co.uk/productsview.aspx?id=8456

Cryengine 2 is the actual engine name.


that source website has only been running for less then a week, since it's first news post...so bogus

Seems like EA is just distributing it, the game is developed by Crytek.

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Titan, it's been known for ages that Crysis will be distributed by EA. EA owns a share in ubisoft, who own Crytek, who developed Cryengine (and cryengine 2) and made farcry/crysis.

That that message says is that EALA (a production house) may be using the crytek2 engine in the future for an upcoming game.

Seeming EALA normally make RTS's (BFME,C&C) people will wonder what the FPS title will be, hence the rumor it'll be renegade 2, because it's the one that fits the bill, C&C cashcow to milk, plus a previous FPS game in the series, it could happen.

As for the source, who knows, if it's true we won't find out till they announce it (ie:a year or two away) or when EA denys it in a really dodgy way that we know it'll happen. Or theres an insider source.

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either way, the post used incorrect terms and that site seemed to only have two storys, 1 about the easter egg in CnC 3 and this one...and some other hoopla about a secret in CnC3 or something.

That site is far from reliable, but we can all dream/hope

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Oh yeah of course it may not be reliable, he has not stated his sources, if it's either an employee or leaked documents, word of mouth etc.

I was just stating that crysis has been in development for some time now, and EA's connection with it is only as distributor (currently) but seeming the MP gameplay for Crysis will be like renegade, with a tank garage and barracks and a purchasing system, it would seem a likely choice for a renegade-esque sequel.

If one is made i hope they take it back to westwoods original vision, a stealth/shooter game, with some good writers this time.

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