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  • Totem Arts Staff
QUOTE (ALTEREGO @ Feb 14 2010, 08:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I want to download renegade x but i have to get unreal tournament first which isnt a big deal to spend $12 for the game but is it really worth it and is it a pain in the ass to connect to servers? or is this new mod just a big LAN game ? and do many people even know about it or play it ?>[/b]

well getting ut3 is worth it ...you get ut3 to play (good game in it's self) and you get all the cool FREE mods like RenegadeX

it's not a pain in the ass to connect to servers as there is a little application that opens the mod and connects for you :D (internet)

loads of people play and know about the mod ... look at bottem of the home page of this forum (We have 4,392 registered members) getting on the servers at the right time is a good idea as every 1 that plays are in diffrent time zones (6:00 - 8:00 pm GMT is usaly a good time) it is 09:15 pm now and there are 16 players (but it was a dev night) but usaly get 20 + players on 1 server at peak times

it says if there is any players in the servers at the top ( There are curretly # players playing Renegade X. )

hope this helps you deside

this mod rulez btw
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I played the mod when it was first released in September 2009 and though I had a lot of fun exploring all the maps and buying the chars and vehicles, I really wanted to play the full complete game. I have it uninstalled ATM.

And while the latest update has many things in-game, I will play Ren X only after they fully complete the game in standalone. UT3 is a silly frag type game...I don't want to run around in a highly graphical environment getting kills (gets boring after a while). And I don't want to install this game to play Ren X.

Meanwhile my copy of UT3 (with Box & manual) in brand new condition along with full color Strategy Guide is available for sale for $15.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

there is a lot of things going on with RenegadeX at the moment .... the game experiance is a lot better than it was with v0.3# and now with v0.5 and the new patch that will be coming soon (fix's some bugs and add's some cool stuff) the game is / will be better than ever, fans are making maps such as Xmountain (there is a DM map in the works ... the beta on the mp-gaming server) new mutators are getting added all the time,

the UDK (standalone) wont be here any time soon there is a lot of work that has to be redone

RenegadeX mod for UT3 is almost the same as the origanal renegade online

i think most people like Zombieguy who only wont to play when the game is finished will be the down fall of this mod (no offence intended)

this Mod and Dev Team needs all the suport it can get

i say again this mod is awsome and is getting better all the time

and there alot of FREE UT3 mods out there not just FPS (the ball [now standalone], snowreal, ect)

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I'd recommend you guys play 0.5. It's a very polished version of this mod, with all the buildings, 7 stock maps, custom mutators and custom maps, most of the bugs have disappeared, etc. It's a big improvement from 0.35, no longer as glitchy, and it will stay as the standard Renegade X version for a while. We're getting more players than ever nowadays, and the fanbase is growing.

Our UDK version is months away, and our "final release" is probably a year away. I can guarantee that we'll make a final release one day and a lot of these people that promised to play it will be long gone. If you've got UT3, might as well install 0.5 and give it a whirl.

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