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Renegade-X Wednesday


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Heya People,

Just thought I'd share in here that we're running events on multiple games now. More information can be found at our forums (http://www.exoduscommunity.com/topic/1851-game-events/)

This Wednesday (3 Feb 2010) we're running a Renegade-X Wednesday, starting at 8 PM GMT. No signup is needed, just be around on TS around that time. (TeamSpeak 3 - ts.exoduscommunity.com:9987 (Default port)

Thanks! Hope some people from here will join us :)

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QUOTE (Atlas Tasume @ Feb 2 2010, 09:37 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
So...the time would be 18:00 +0GMT in your Renegade X server?[/b]

No, it would be 20.00 GMT, but it's indeed in our server. I actually advise you to use TS aswell, makes the game a lot more enjoyable and you can get to know our community better :) (You don't need a mic, you can just listen in :) )
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