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suggestion:multiple time periods


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I haven't managed to find a populated server for renegade x yet but I think to would be cool to have weapons and vehicles from the later c&c games, such as tiberian sun. Basically when selecting a map, you could choose from one of three time periods (CnC, tiberian sun, or CnC3), like in star wars battlefront, and this would determine the vehicles available for that match. I can't think of a single C&C vehicle the engine wouldn't be able to support; UT3 already has mechs, hovertanks, and vehicles that deploy to function as stationary guns. It would, however, require a lot of time to model and add the new vehicles. But what do you guys think of the idea?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

As for populated servers, we were just have a 6v6 as you were posting that, and people are playing at this very moment. People aren't playing 24/7, but we normally have people on between 5pm and 10pm GMT.

Anyway the three eras is a cool idea, but that's basically three entire mods. The C&C eras are very different from each other - different vehicles, weapons, characters, structures, and environments. To make three sets of everything is too difficult for this team, especially since it's taken us this much effort to get all the Renegade stuff in.

Our mod is open sourced and anyone is more than welcome to make a Tiberian Sun or C&C3 mod for Renegade X, but the team will focus on finishing Renegade X this year.

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I understand. I also just remembered that tiberian sun featured tanks the could drive underground, and I have no idea how that could work here. For the server thing i usually play around 8pm PST and I'm guessing the rest of you live on the east coast and go to bed by then.

P.S. If a tiberian sun mod was made, would there be anyone to play it?

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