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oh noes ur free forums hosting, i went to register and this wat i got

An Error Has Occurred! 

could not open ./users4/fobinator/Members/LaserOfFury.dat -- No space left on device

Its maxed out :o u reached the limit they made lol

if u need hosting (im deciding on a domain name right now like .com)

I have my own server and this has been running for fine for a week :)


i can host a forums for you if u need it

Server Info:

Windows 7

WD 120GB HDD (***the site will be off for 30 mins during the hdd copy from 40GB -> 120GB HDD***)

Microsoft IIS7






IPB3 + Skins ect lol

*Soon Remote Web Management

too me a while but its stable now (dono about hdd copy)

thats only if u want and ur board has reached the limit :( i wanna reg

An Error Has Occurred! 

could not open ./users4/fobinator/Members/LaserOfFury.dat -- No space left on device

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