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I need help, mobo


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I have got a lil while back, a GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L/S3L Rev.01 Motherboard for free, dident know if it works

I just got a Pentium Dual Core at 2.5Ghz for 80$ and when i put it all together, i tryed to power it up and it turned on for about 1 second then shut back off, when i unplug the ATX power, it stays on but does nothing.

I have for PSU, a 350Watt PSU

U think it is the motherboard or have you herd/seen this and know i need a bigger PSU

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I dont imagine its the power.

Do you get any beeps at all?

If not, they're you're not getting to POST. Try removing the BIOS battery from the mobo, waiting 30s then replacing it back in, give it a try.

Make sure all the connections on the mobo and correctly installed ans give it another go.

Try another PSU if you can, but normally it should boot on just that, provided you've not got a resource-chomping graphics card or anything, it should boot fine. Thats assuming the mobo actually works!

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- No Beeps

- Tryed the Battery and Reset CMOS jumper

- on my 32 inch tv, when it powers up for 1 second, the tv comes off of standby

- The CPU becomes warm as if its being used when i keep turning it on and it goes off.

- My GFX card is pertty big

- when i disconnect the 4-pin 12v power connecter, it turns on, but nothing

- It seend that the 350watt PSU cannot power the motherboard.

- I had a 250watt psu on my pc when it was P4HT with all the stuff, overpowered and shut off. this may be the same but alot of power so it suts off right away

- The cpu is brand new and has the fan in properly and thermal glue :P

- The physical condition of the board is good (awlyes kept in static bag)

- the board has like a Dual-BIOS system with 1 main BIOS and 1 Recovery Physical BIOs chip

for 30$ i can get a 600Watt PSU, that should work

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If its $30, give it a go.

Normally the mobo would do something such as beep at you etc, but - these days newish mobo's dont come with onboard speakers so you cant hear a bloody thing lol

So make sure that your mobo acctually has a speaker on it before getting yourself more confused by it not beeping when it acctually cant.

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first of all, Pentium dual core.... modele number??????

i got the P45-DS3l, and i know it support Pentium DC BUT you need a bios update. and if the bios dont support it, dont think it will start

so if you can find a cpu between this range

C2D E4***

C2D E6*** ( not hte Petium Dual core E6300)

C2Q Q6***

thos cpu run normally on the first bios of your mobo. you need them to upgrade you bios

you got a list of supported cpu on the GB website, with the bios revision they need


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Hopefully the power supply should sort it. I had a similar problem but it would stay on just wouldn't even get to post. Turned out the PSU wasn't powerful enough and as soon as I tried my higher power one it worked perfectly.

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