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Epic releases Unreal Engine 3, for FREE


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I kid you not. Named the "Unreal Developers Kit" or UDK, this release allows development of full, standalone products (not mods) by anyone, at no cost.

It is for non commercial use, but blows open the doors or what can be achieved by the community.

Originally posted by develop magazine


UE3-powered UDK is 'an unprecedented milestone in game development' studio says

Just a week after Unity announced its engine was now available for free to indie users Epic Games has revealed a free version of its popular Unreal Engine technology.

Called the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), it is a free edition of UE3 that allows community, modder and indie users more access to the engine's features and is available for all.

Epic said game developers, students, hobbyists, researchers, creators of 3D visualizations and simulations plus digital filmmakers can all take advantage of the UDK for non-commercial use.

The UDK can be downloaded at http://www.udk.com, which also offers detailed product features, technical documentation, commercial licensing terms and support resources.

Epic is calling the move 'an unprecedented milestone in game development' - the Unreal Engine is widely used in games for a variety of projects. Almost ever major publisher has signed up big licensing deals for the engine to form the basis of a number of high profile titles.

The UDK contains all the most recently added features in UE3 including, the studio says, "many that have yet to be seen in an Unreal Engine game". Epic has also promised to keep releasing ongoing, upgraded builds of UDK for free.

THis was announced within the last hour, you heard it here first!!


As a side note, Renegade-X currently uses a lot of UT3 content. So don't expect a standalone product from us with the current state-of-affairs (but I wont rule it out, I don't make that call). Just before anyone asks!

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Basically, as a mod, you're restricted with what you can do. Having the whole engine available really lets you do anything.

UDK also has a commercial version, for just $99. For the first $5,000 of profit, Epic will take nothing, after 25%.

That is amazing value if you made a decent game :) .

If you went for the full retail version (we're talking a HIGH six-figure number here) then Epic take nothing.

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QUOTE (maty @ Nov 5 2009, 04:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Basically, as a mod, you're restricted with what you can do. Having the whole engine available really lets you do anything.[/b]

No, dont get a wrong image about this. What the UDK is about is that you dont need to buy UT3 and more importanly you dont need your consumers to buy UT3 for your game. Apart from that you could already do all that stuff with modding UT3 afaik. There should be no difference other than the UDK having the lates UE 3 tech (lightmass etc). But basically you can not do more with the UDK. Meaning we are not restricted by using UT3 instead of the UDK. It would be different if the UDK would really open the engine, meaning opening all the sourcecode but Epic would never give the sourcecode away for free. With the UDK you are still limited to the script-code which is fine as you can do most of the stuff with it just fine but to do 'anything' you would need to modify the Engines core tech and that is not opened with the UDK.

what is interesting though is that a UT3 demo with the new features is included. If that means that most of the UT3 scripts are included aswell we might even be able to make the jump to the UDK quite easily just for beeing standalone and for using the new engine features released since UT3. But i still havent finished downloading and observing this yet so i dont know whats all in it yet.
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Yeh, standalone wont be a problem. Currently we use loads of UT3 assets, we'd be better not doing.

The new editor makes everything look so damned more sexier though :) .

EA's problem would be if we sold it, then they would lose money from their own property, which they wouldn't be happy about.

My only concerns about it are this:

1) It makes the MSUC grand prize obselete, bar an extra $10k.

2) The Ball mod have released a version of their mod using this product. They'd been working with Epic for months. I've nothing against that, BUT with the MSUC running it shows an alarming conflict of interest. No-one working at Epic or Intel would be allowed to enter, same should apply for those working WITH them, but I'll check the contest rules. It seems odd though.

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That is correct, but the UDK still allows you to do anything other than modify the engine platform code - which you dont need to do in almost every case.

Bar the 25% revenue and the $10k over second place, the first place prize is now pretty useless. In RenX's case we wouldnt need full SDK code level access.

Before, we'd have had to have won 1st place in order to consider a retail development, now we can do that regardless. THat was my point. :)

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QUOTE (deltatux @ Nov 22 2009, 11:44 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I'm happy w/ RenX the way it is, please don't charge us for it, I'd rather it be kept as a mod than a paid product.


If they started charging money for this mod then they'd be sued so fast by Epic games and EA for using content and Intellectual Property.
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