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Whats up peoples?

I forget how I found out about this, but its sounds great.

Was comtimplacting contributing to this. You guys have any clue on poly counts for your vehicles? Types and sizes of texture maps you are going to make use of? Interiors of vehicles?

Was looking into the MRLS and the FlameTank. Already got tons of reference images on the MRLS, but I would like to get some specs also on the game engine. I know its not out yet, but maybe someone can just give me some guesstimations on these things.



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  • Developer

Hey PermaGrin, it's great to see you as always. And yeah I told you about this mod in late 2005, I can still remember our conversation about it.

Unless I'm mistaken I think the texture sizes we're using is 2048 x 2048

Polygon count for vehicles is anywhere between 2000-4000

We most likely won't be modelling the interiors of vehicles

Of course the UT3 engine can handle a bigger polygon count, but as a Renegade-like mod, it was necessary to lower the polygon count by a bit. The game will demand large tank battles, infantry battles, etc all on one screen. (Example, anyone remember C&C_Field? All fighting was on one screen).

So in order to get a massive amount of players ingame, with many vehicles and weapons firing at each other, and have the game run smoothly all at the same time, we needed to lower the polycount by a few hundreds..

Of course some of our models will even have normal maps and specular maps, which are both great affects, and will contribute to the visuals.

As for the MRLS, the model is already being made. The Flame tank has been modelled and unwrapped. So for those 2 vehicles we're basically fine in terms of models. You're more than welcome to freelance for us though, we do need some textures.

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Nice to see ya again perm...We could use an animator!...Talk to me on MSN or AIM

weapon models are pretty much done, Flame tank is actually being unwrapped, but the MRLS hasnt been completed...Im going to update a list of whats started and what is needed, for the public to view

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