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Vehicle Wreckages


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They really gotto go or need to have no collisions like in renegade. They just get in the

way too easily when you are rushing with more tanks. The tank in front of you dies

and you get stuck on the wreckage for a few seconds and the guys behind you bump

into you.

Please make wreckages so you can walk through them or disable them entirely.

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I made a suggestion for this in another thread.

1. Vehicles should explode differently based on the weapon used to destroy it. Sometimes they should leave wrecks, other times they should explode into pieces.

2. There should be 'zones' were your vehicle has to explode into pieces (such as in front of of base defenses)

What this would do is that if certain weapons are used to attack vehicles in the field, the destroyed vehicle may or may not leave a wreck. However, if vehicles were to attack a base, the vehicle would not leave a wreck when destroyed and simple blow up in pieces.

Flames, personal lasers, shrapnel, C4, ect should cause vehicle wreckage.

Explosive tank shells/rockets/missiles, focused Obelisk beam, PIC, Railgun, ect should all cause total vehicle explosions.

Another idea is that wreckage should not just disappear. It should explode a second time.

The time it takes for wreckage to explode should be a server side option. The options should range from 'no wreckage' to 'time in seconds' to 'never explode.'

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It propably needs to be removed completely cause it takes too much speed out of the matches IMHO. Renegade, aswell as Starcraft for example get a lof of their excitement from the ability of surpriseattacks and wreckages seem to make them too hard from the games ive seen so far. I guess we should keep a close eye on how wreckages affect gameplay till the next patch.


yeah. that vid Mighty_Bob liked makes a good point how wreckages can become a quite a abstacle to a attacking team and how it can give the defending time precious seconds to buy more engineers for example.

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I thought that in later patches there would be something of health on a wreck. So that anyone attacking a base would expend only one shell or so on a wreck and be capable of continueing their attack. This would add some strategy, think of people pushing a wreck in front of them, refusing to shoot it untill either an opponent does it for them and hoping to get some closer before the pummeling starts again, or shooting it instantly to keep the rush going.

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QUOTE (R315r4z0r @ Oct 21 2009, 05:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
But you still have to take the time to fire a round into the wreck. That round may make or break you in the long run.

Lets simplify it. If you drive into a wreck, it blows up instantly.[/b]

Or it falls into scrap metal, crunching under your tires. Having it block only one or two shots is best I think. In a full blown rush both teams are eager to kill off everything, it's likely that the defending team will fire so many rounds that any vehicle destroyed will have it's shell blow up almost instantly, and if not, then it takes one round to take out that wreck to make sure it doesn't impede your progress.

Yours sincerely,
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A lot of rushes in Renegade would not have been possible if they had collidable wreckage. Heck, Renegade did not even have wreckage. Since recreating on UT3 to enhance graphics and maintain some, if not most, gameplay elements. I would suggest leaving the wreckage model, while still allowing player to pass through.

This is what I call feature creep in class...

There is where vehicle explosion/death animations come to mind.

Blow them apart (probably with a 3D particle of said vehicle's pieces)

Have the pieces or particle have collision with only the static world. (just give physics to the pieces/particles)

Then just have them fade away after a certain amount of time.

Or for a fun twist, do give the pieces player collision. Let them damage infantry (possible kill them) if hit by shrapnel. Make the flame tank cover a small area in flames for short amount of time after it dies. Mammy cannons might fling around and kill infantry or even damage tanks. MRLS spits a few rockets like bottlerocks without sticks. Big Bad ARTs have so much firepower, they are like Devastators from the OG Dune RTS, they do damage to the surrounding area when killed. So many wierd things come to mind.

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