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Dedicated Servers for CoD:MW2 Petition


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It's all about money...

The creators of COD made a fuck load of cash on downloadable content alone last year... - this is why they are removing the dedi servers.

I will explain:

Custom content will be able to be downloaded from the company, such as mods skins etc etc - this takes away the modding side of things from the community.

They dont want us to be able to create dedicated servers ourselvs because this takes away the posibility of just them being able to create custom content and host it - where as if a dedicated server was avilable, custom server-sided mods could be created (such as Promod for COD4 could be ported to COD6 if required)

Does not sound like its much of a problem, but game server hosting companies were quite excited to get hold of COD6's dedicated stuff... Sure matchmaking works for left 4 dead and i can see it working for COD6... but not being able to host your own server where you can administrate it to how you want (banning, kicking etc) just isnt good enough for the player base who wish to "be god" on their own servers.

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