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QUOTE (noxdrac @ Oct 2 2009, 09:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
i sure hope niss hurries up with our stacking movies =D can't wait to see us drive 3 mammies ontop of eachother into nod base :D [/b]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxr2IPOu9cs :lol:

I can make another movie of just the fun things later since I have alot more footage of that. I'll finish it up with some nice looks/text and music and save it in HD using Adobe After Effects rather then Windows Movie Maker crap. ^_^

I also have a handful of screenshots for showing off the Models/Textures so most are boring, I'll create a few from fights the next games I enter. Maybe drag Photoshop into this for Wallpapers. ;)

EDIT: Lol you beat me to it!
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some mates and me are going to try stackign gdi vehicles so we can rush nod over the cliff in field, i just want to ask if there's a invisible wall up there, cause if there is, we're not going to waste our oh so precious stacking time=)

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goddammit, my name was generically set to player.... again!>_<

Edit: On other notes, WHY everytime there's stacking, am i present? are you guys afraid without me the tanks will blow up? i swear, they won't!

Edit 2: also, its great fun to get teamkilled when you have a hilarious name, and im not talking: yourself, your mom or something, or his mom or himself, no, im talking NOXDRAC, Again!

how many times have i seen the message: Noxblade drove over NoxDrac, Again.


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earlier today it was a party =D, good times

right before the party



the mighty fury of the super renx tank


swimtime is fun time


the best way to recon the enemy base


nothing like a peaceful humping party from the opposing team


the water in islands is toxic


no description needed


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