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Are we still going to be able to throw remote;proxy;time c4 on eachother or not?.

If yes, would it be possible to make the c4 not dissapear, cause I had too much basterdly instances on feild (Marathon, no time limit) were GDI was loosing badly, so they got an APC and put a SHIT load of remotes on it and I with my team were on the bridge ready to flame rush, with me in the front leading the flamers. As I we approching the enterance I was rushed by an APC, and when it made contact with me, BOOM they detonated the remotes killing both the APC and my damn flamer, it would have been better if the remotes had not dissapeared so that I would back up rather than approach and flame the APC.

LOL I had this other instance were it was on feild, (Marathon, no time limit.) I was NOD in a flamer on the bridge further from the GDI base closer to the NOD Tiberium feild, and I see this lone APC approching me, so Im like HA! n00b your going to get pwnt, so I approach it, to my amazment, it wasen't running (cause I was in a flame tank.) then it got closer and closer, I began flaming it, and FUCKING BOOM!! I see nothing but smoke and I lag for like 4 seconds, and what do I see after that?. The APC was dead and so was I with my flamer. That made me kind of cautios of random vehicles approching me, especially when I am in a flame tank :V

Same with characters! Cause if they have proxies that you can't see, it simply sucks cause they get the advantage, and your left with like: "OMG WTF you free character proxing spamming faggots!!!!" But I have nothing agianst the whole thing with c4 on people and vehicles, just when they disapear and cannot be seen to be avoided.

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QUOTE (havoc9826 @ Aug 17 2009, 11:35 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Corollary question: if you make a c4 string/ribbon, when the first one blew in Renegade, the others disappeared rather than detonated, since it detonated the first one before all the others, which then weren't attached to anything anymore. Would that happen here as well?[/b]

Naw, I think if its remote C4, they all should blow up at the SAME time, just like in Renegade.

However, does this mean that we can make C4 stacks like you guys made mammy stacks without them dissapearing or glitching?.
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