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Thought i'd make an introduction.

I came across your mod recently though I think I may be right in understanding this was formally a source modification (and maybe another engine before that i'm not sure.)

I'm Athlete from the UK. I'm a huge fan of the C&C series. Have been since it began. Whilst I shared a degree of dissapointment with Westwoods first foray into FPS gaming with the single player I got completely hooked on the multiplayer and have been ever since.

The fact that there are enough people out there who loved the game as much as I did and are willing and able to put together such a professional looking mod on a new engine is heart warming indeed. Especially since we wont be getting any official FPS C&C games any time soon methinks. It's the mainr eason I support PC gaming as much as I do.

A little background about me. If any of you mod or have modded for the source engine you may have come across me before. I'm part of the staff over at http://www.interlopers.net. I'm an Animator and Artist currently studying a BA in Animation Production. Whilst I work mostly with traditional 2D animation these days my background in art comes almost entirely from modelling and modding for games.

I look forward to seeing this mod progress. Please keep up the good work.

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