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Renegade X Facebook Group Creation!


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Hello guys; since we've already got a C&C facebook group, I was planning on making an additional facebook group for your Mod: Renegade X.

Many C&C fans on facebook have joined our C&C group, I'm sure many of them would join your facebook group as well.

All I need is your permission to create the group.


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Well don't worry pendullum, it's done now. =)

I can add administrators, as well so if fobby wills it then I will add all the dev team or anyone he wishes to be on the facebook group admin. Don't worry you are in good hands. I will take care of you. =)

Also I've already added our westwood facebook group and two other fan page groups to our fan page list on our facebook group.

Let's get the word out about Renegade X more.

If you want you could add a link on the forums or on your site. If you don't that's fine, I just want Renegade X to shine. B)

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