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  1. CNC-Powerplay

    A small map designed for 6 vs 6 at most. Could be great for filling up a server when the playercount is low.
    Barracks vs Hand Of Nod
    The cooling tower was based of an abandoned cooling tower I last year during an urban exploration trip.


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  2. CNC-Prototype

    A simple deathmatch map blockout. The total filesize is just under 3.6MB so it can be downloaded via the ingame downloader quickly
    I'm aware that you can walk on the walls of the structures, keep in mind that this is still in the blockout phase, a lot can change, and if the map is recieved well I can make it more detailed and more refined.
    Please note that this is not an official map or anything, just a blockout, and something to play around with when there's a low player count, or to have fun on with bots.


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  3. CNC-Caves

    I decided to make a Deathmatch map since we didn't have that many yet.
    I've used the same environment package as Tunnels, but the design of the map is completely different, it's inspired by the layout of Meltdown from COD : Black Ops 2.
    There are weapon, health, armor and ammo pickups. the weapons pickups are:
    Laser Chaingun
    Flak Cannon
    Rocket Launcher (Gunner)
    Unsilenced Sniper Rifle
    Note: The location of other players on your minimap isn't scaling correctly yet, I know this. They do appear correctly on the overview map, and your own position is also right.


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