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CNC-Toxicity 2

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About This File

Toxicity 2


Map specifications:


-Few Guard Towers

-Several Gun Turrets

-A Toxic map (Red Zone)

                                                                                  HOW TO INSTALL

  1. Default directory location: ' C:/Program Files (x86)/Renegade X/ ' 
  2. Extract the zip file into your Renegade X directory.
  3. Files have now been installed. Enjoy!




What's New in Version 2


  • Airstrip runway moved to the side
  • Decorative missile bay removed
  • minimap recast
  • reported stuck spots eliminated
  • the last b2b spot eliminated
  • blocking volumes added to silos
  • blocking volumes around GDI Barracks re-penned
  • vehicle blocking volume surrounding airstrip tower removed
  • vehicle blocking volume for inf-path leading to/from Airstrip Tower re-penned
  • Minimap updated
    • Tiberium fields now have their ground texture
    • stuck spot between tree and concrete has been rectified
    • rock meshes have been given a new coat of materials
    • Optimizations have been applied
    • Env_Toxicity has had files culled bringing the filesize below 90mb
    • Harvesters synchronised so their first dump is roughly within 2-3 seconds of one another
    • Landscape paints have been scaled properly
    • Installation of files is now easier than ever.
  • As of 03/11/21:
    • Decorative main base silos now have collisions
    • Concrete barriers next to the HoN now have blocking volumes to prevent any weird beacon placements
    • Rocket Soldier spot against the GDI refinery has been solved
    • Additional blocking volumes added to prevent exploitation and potential stuck spots
    • All Gun Turrets have been moved to either the complete left or right of their respective pedestals
    • Ramps leading to the front-three facing Nod Gun Turrets have been widened
    • All ramps in both bases have been tidied up
    • Flares in the infantry tunnels behind both refinery's have been relocated as well as their respective particle effects and lighting
    • Barbwires on the mid-section of the MCT Silo infantry path have had their concrete slabs re:placed
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@DoMiNaNt_HuNtEr - At the time this page was updated, there was no distinction between the Recon Bike and Attack Cycle.

Patch 5.381 is when there was a deliberate introduction of the Recon Bike.



What's New in Version 1_4

Released December 20, 2018

Released December 20, 2018

Update as of 17th December:

Update as of 17th December


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Post Fffreak9999 response EDIT: Fair enough. However, anybody who plays C&C knows that Tiberian Sun vehicles are not the same as Tiberian Dawn/Renegade vehicles lol. Although come to think of it, stats wise I the TS Attack Cycle is actually inferior to the TD Recon Bike - the attack cycle can't target air units, and it cost 600 bucks instead of 500, plus it was a later tech unit. xD

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