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CNC Frostbite Beta 6

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Beta 6

A GDI research outpost within the confines of Russia's mountains has been alerted of a nearby Nod Base, clearly the Brotherhood has been drawn here due to the exceedingly rich bounty of tiberium among these icy tops and have already begun scouting the area. Both teams are to find and secure the silo as well as the Communications Center, there are reports of a damaged silo within the area so approach it with caution! Both GDI and Nod will need to be as harsh as the terrain on this battlefield. Good luck out there! You're gonna need it...

"Stay out of the center if you know what's good for ya!"

Map specifications:


-Heavy Base Defences

-Dusk Map




HOW TO INSTALLExtract the 'UDKGame' folder into your ' C:/Program Files (x86)/ Renegade X/ ' directory.


  1. Download both part1 and part2 to the same location
  2. Open part1 and extract 'UDKGame' into your 'RenegadeX' directory.
  3. Files have now successfully been installed

Edited by Madkill40

What's New in Version Beta 6


  • Stuck spots fixed
  • B2B and too-close-to B2B spots rectified
  • Meshes rescaled in places to prevent hiding in rocks
  • Some lighting changes
  • Fixed Spider-Copter from happening [it was due to the volume being too thin]
  • Added vehicle blocking volumes to where they should exist
  • Modified rocks to prevent as much air-vehicle to vehicle blocking volume collisions where possible
  • Fixed destroyed Helipad meshes
  • Fixed poor Harvester docking sequence
  • Tiberium Volumes repenned
  • Extended size of tiberium field near destroyed GDI Helipad mesh
  • Fixed 'material' errors
  • Misc Changes
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