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Extras vehicles


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I'm not sure, but I think i've made/seen this topic before. I've professionalised this one.

Everybody has probably seen the extras vehicles/infantry in renegade. There will be new in renegade-x. I would like to make a list of suggestions for the moderators :)

Though they are fun to post, and please do, I will not add vehicles that are really strong. The reason is more or less explained at the infantry part.

The vehicles have to fit in the renegade style. like:

Mortar humvee (humvee with a grenade launcher, shoots a bit faster and has more ammo)

Flamebuggy (a buggy with a slightly more powerfull flamethrower.)

Infantry is a bit different topic. Like giving people a working powersuit and/or mutating them so they have advantages. If they would become more powerfull (and they quickly would be) than the normal guys, making games with lots of money crooked, as most people wouldnt keep to the 1000 credit people.

Vehicle list:


-mortar humvee


-Flame buggy

Infantry list




-mutant (the one that can punch or has the sydney chem gun)

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Vehicle limits will be up to the host, the standard will be 7 but the server host can have whatever vehicle limit he desires.

What about pickup, sedan, chameleon?[/b]

Considering the time it takes for us to model a vehicle, unwrap, apply normal maps, texture, apply a specular map and throw in game, we will most likely not be recreating the pickup, sedan, and chameleon, simply because they held no formal purpose in the game. Most servers had them disabled, and the ones that didn't were filled with players wasting their time with these vehicles and not doing anything useful.

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QUOTE (R315r4z0r @ Feb 8 2009, 02:47 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
The default vehicle limit wasn't 7, it was 8. The Harvester counts as a vehicle for your team, so that means the total limit is 8, but only 7 was the available for human controlled vehicles.[/b]

So let me get this straight... if you lost your ref, you dont have a harvy, and you can have 8?
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  • 6 months later...


"Flea"- ATV that has a machine gun and has the ability to jump in the air. Great for jumping over small obstacles and incoming missiles.

"Chemical Sprayer" like the flame tanks

"Leach" A light vehicle that shoots out a continuous beam of energy that does damage to enemy vehicles while healing itself.

"Parasite" Nod Buggy w/o gun but teammates can hang off the sides and use their weapons like the buggies from Borderlands.


Striker APC

Bradley Tanks

Ion Tank

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I know Fobby, but what if someone wants to make a mod that adds more vehicles to your mod (a mod for a mod) and is looking for ideas. I would like to see some of my ideas added to this mod if someone designs extra vehicles. The Flea would be cool for the setting.

Oh what would NOD have to counter act the A-10 warthog? Maybe a stealthfighter?

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