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UT3 Now Part of Steam.


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QUOTE (Tsumetai @ Jan 30 2009, 10:06 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Steam is slowly trying to take over the video game world. Soon, you wont even be able to play video games without going through Steam first.[/b]

hopefully (imo)
for me, the one thing about steam is it just "works". I've never had any problems with it, i buy all my games off it (usually dirt cheap on sales..) and all my m8s are on it so we get together in chat and have a banter while killing eachother online.
I don't think it would be a bad thing if steam took over...I suppose if that happened, piracy would be easier to stop.
(not an expert on steam here, just giving my opinion :P )
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For those who don't know:

Steam is an online content delivery service.

It was designed when Valve decided to take control of Half-Life servers instead of WON (World Opponent Network).

Steam allows anyone to register an account and then purchase, download and play any game in their catalogue. Demos are available as are occassional offers such as "free weekends" and pre-order discouts. You can pre-order games and download them ready for release. Upon release you just activate and you're ready to go.

You can log in to your Steam account from anywhere, download and start playing (or if your friend has it installed, no need to download). You can take your games anywhere!

Steam also has an online community, you can talk to friends in-game, no matter what their playing or you're playing and in an unobtrusive way. You have a user page and can create group pages.

Games are frequently cheaper on Steam and Valve don't take the massive cut in-store publishers do (its cheaper to allow customers to download than package and ship games). You can pick Valve's back catalogue (some 25 games) for ~$75 USD. Lots of developers on steam too, ID, Epic, Rockstar, Codemasters - pretty much every game you think of is on there - selection of the best mods and indie games are also available (mods are free, obviously!)

It also keeps all your games up-to-date. No patching required! If an update's been released, it'll download in a couple of minutes and you're good to go!

Currently Steam has 554 games (more being added all the time) from all sorts of developers, ID Software, Rockstar, Codemasters, Epic all have most of their games available. 16 million active users.

Steam is ad-free, secure, simple and you'd be mad without it. Valve-Secured Servers (VAC) reduce hacking and cheating by a massive margin and ban users caught cheating. Instantly. If you've paid $100 for some games, then cheat and get banned? You ain't playing those games anymore pal :) .

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