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Hello fellows,

Over the last few days i have been creating installer packages and doing network roll outs, you know the sort :P

It has got me thinking, so i figured id ask this here that way others can respond with there thoughts on the matter.

Considering the release of Renegade X is still quite a whiles away, but how is it going to work with its install package for the mod? is it going to be just a simple, self extracting set of archives that you point to your UT3 directory? or is it going to be something a bit more like the old WW style installers with the video / pictures set up type thing?

While i love the old renegade way of installing, it can get a bit annoying, so whats the plans for the mods installer?

Its just a random passing thought that sparked a bit of interest.

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Even though while that is true, instead of just watching it copy across files and have a loading type bar, Why not do something like C&C 95 or test drive unlimited, and have it display pictures while its installing? sort of there to keep peoples attention and get them sort of pumped up into wanting to play the game.

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It'll be like any other UT3 mod. Simple extracting achive.

UT3 supports mods fully (like how Source does with a dedicated folder for them).

We'll make it as easy as possible for anyone to download and play.

Heck, I don't even see why a regular install wizard wouldn't be possible.

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