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Model problem. Please help?


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Since there are alot of leet modelers/modders in this mod, i would like a little help.

I was modeling nod wall 2 days ago, and i tried to put it ingame and it looked so ugly :S

The render of the model on 3ds max 2009 looks good( link removed ) + there is not smothing.

But ingame, in ut3 its kinda messed up :


The ingame smothing is at 30-45. Well, if i even set it to 0, 180, or 90 it shows differently but still ugly.

What shall i do to fix it?

I would be happy if any of you help. I have this problem for a long time. Its gonna be 2 years now since i started modeling and this is the most common problem i had.

I'm not Aydynbek. I'm ferkhat. This was an accidental post, i didnt know that my brother was logged in in this computer.

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QUOTE (JeepRubi @ Jan 21 2009, 07:40 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Those are the smoothing groups, using auto smoothing groups is never a very good idea. Try defining them manually.

Here's a good tutorial explaining smoothing groups.


Thanks for the tutorial. And, what you mean by "auto" and "manualy". Whats the difference between them?
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well... ones auto smoothing... ones manual

lol Manual is you have to select and group the smoothing group by hand, auto is much quicker and gives a better effect most of the time

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QUOTE (~Aydynbek~ @ Jan 21 2009, 05:19 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Ok, here is wireframe.

Are you on low, medium, or high graphic detail settings in Unreal? Unreal automatically generates levels of detail when you change the settings to lower and sometimes that can make models look bad.

Also how did you model that? Did you use booleans? It appears that you have N-gons (polygons with more than 4 sides) which are bad. That and you have to triangulate it before you export it to Unreal.
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No, i dont use boolean tool. I did before and got tired of it. Its not a good tool to use.

I will use the tutorial that JeepRubi gave me and i will show the results :D

Thanks all. Renegade-X team is the nicest team i have ever seen, there arent alot of mod teams out there that help fans.

Edit: What rendering plugin do you guys use? I use Light Tracer and its not really good, doesnt show alot of detals.

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I would recommend learning how to assign smoothing groups manually. That way if you do decide to use the likes of mesh/turbo smooth you can ask it to smooth by smoothing group giving you much better results.

I'm sure Killa can help you out though.


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