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Maps for the mod


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I was thinking, just because this mod is remaking Renegade, doesn't mean you just have to remake maps from Renegade... why not make some brand new official mod maps separate from the remakes of the Westwood ones?

I mean, you can remake the WW maps, you can remake fan maps, but it would also be nice to see brand new things that aren't being 'remade' from anything in Renegade. B)

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Making our own maps is a definite "yes", we just want to get the original ten maps remade as well. The vast majority of the C&C Renegade community still plays the original maps, and the probability of them permanently switching over to Renegade X would increase if we remade those maps that we all love.

However we've got some great ideas for our own custom maps, so those are also on their way ;)

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its a good idea to make new map, ya the original 10 is perfect, but alot of fan map are insane .. myself i started to work on a map that a member of my clan made in the past, but in Ren-X/UT flavor. i dunno if ppl here know Slash0x map .. was the good time. i work a lil bit on UTengine 2 cause my clan are active in Swat 4 ... so its basiclly the same ... have to re-learn how add snow, the movement and the water in fountain xD

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