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Media Platoon!


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Ever wanted to help the mod? Well traditionally, there has been one way to help the mod: by joining the team. If you've got the skills to join our team, then why not do so?

But understandably, there are a lot of fans that would like to help our mod in some way. Namely, these fans I am talking about might not have the skills to join the team itself, but will do what they can to dedicate themselves to Renegade X.

If you're one of those fans, then read this post carefully!

The team is opening up a new "Media Platoon". If you are a member of a C&C or UT community website, or if you are a prominent poster on a C&C or UT forum, this is a new way in representing the mod. Basically, all members of the Media team would contribute whenever we have a major Media Release or announcement: we would supply you with the updates, and you would go to your designated website or forum to post the news.

This is just a new way in spreading the news about the mod around the web, and possibly attracting the attention of possible team members. Therefore, the media platoon can actually contribute to finishing this mod quicker.

So what are the advantages to being on the media platoon, other than helping the mod?

For starters, you would get inside information on the project and our status that you wouldn't find anywhere else. As well, you would receive customized, really cool Renegade X signatures with your name on it for whatever forums you post on. Other advantages may be included in the future!

Here's how to sign up. Below, post the following information:

Your name: Example, Billybob

Your age: Example, 104

Your contact information: Example, billjoeybobnessguy[AT]msn.com

The community site/forum you would like to represent: Example, http://www.renegadeforums.com

Remember that you must either be a member of a community site or a prominent member of the forum you would like to be in charge of (which means you make at least a couple posts a day on that forum, and that you have been a member of it for a respectable amount of time).

I will personally be going over all of the applications. On October 10th, I will announce (on these forums) who will make it to the Media Platoon, and those members will get special access to their own forum section that no one else could see.

Looking forward to your application!

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im not the kind of guys to stay always at same place, im surfing on C&C and UT forum to see what happen in both world, i know i cna help, just tell me what u want

Your name: Duro ( real name Dave, yep another :P)

Your age: 26

Your contact information: [email protected]

The community site/forum you would like to represent: well im a part of Hazteam clan since 2003 and we and our affilate clans, are really interessted in your mods, im here to represent them here to get new and i post each of your progress in our forum. not alot of clans was in renegade when the game launch and still play the game with around 15 members active .. so if i can helps to show to the rest of the world your Mods, ill do it. http://www.hazteam.net

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Your name: RadicalROM]>USK<[

Your age: 39

Your contact information: [email protected]

Website: http://www.borforums.com

Descripton: We are a unreal/renegade forums that support different clans for these types of games. Havoc/Fobby, I talked to the boss (Filak) and he gave me the go ahead on being a media whore for you, lol. Just tell me what you want me to do and I will promote Renegade-X.

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  • Totem Arts Staff


We could definitely use more members in the club, so if you'd like to help Renegade X and represent a forum or community site, sign up today.

Like, right now.

Remember that members get inside information and, if you want, a custom Renegade X signature.

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  • 2 weeks later...

name: DXR_13KE (if you want you can request my real name in a PM)

age: 22

contact information: [email protected]

The community forum i would like to represent: http://www.bit-tech.net/ i am a regular member at their forums.

ow btw: "bit-tech.net is the leading independent hardware review and PC modification site in the UK. We specialise in off-the-wall (and sometimes on it too!) mods, reviews and articles. Our reviews are frank, honest and reliable and we endeavour to provide the best information possible to our readers."

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QUOTE (NEFobbyGEN @ Oct 23 2008, 03:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Well the signup was over on the 10th as the news post says, but we will be taking applicants later.[/b]

ow sorry about that... my brain was focused more on how to help you guys than on the end date.... i will apply later when it is more convenient for you guys...

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