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Questions about Server Side Switches


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Hi All,

I am just wondering how the server side switches will work out, and what support you have planned for them so far.

So far a few of my favorites have been on the ancient XpHaze Servers, they had a few really nice things going, the first was that a fog crate could be deployed that lasted for three minutes and effectively blinded both teams, although base defenses remained on. With a cry of POP THE SHELLS! we would all rally and attempt to shove as many meds as we could into the Nod base before the fog lifted, or attempt to field flame and stanks and take back map control. Will we see a return of this in our crate options? There were similar instances of rain which shut down base defenses and radar and the Renegade newscasts, which were just bizarre in general to hear and always hilarious.

Another was at least in the old XpHaze (both infantry and Marathon) servers, it was more friendly community oriented, everybody knew everyone and Renegade would constantly change usually for the better with a few custom maps and tons of modifications. For instance, because ramjet spams were simply ruining the game for infantry at one point in time, they put in limits on the amount of ramjets and heroes in general that could be fielded. Will we have the ability to have manual switches so we can limit the amount of snipers or heroes in the game? Some of us happened to like games where lower tier anti vech infantry like gunners, Heavy BH or even officers were not only viable but useful and we only had to contend with skilled $500 snipers instead of ramjet noobs or at least adjust their prices so killing an elite actually matters when they still have a harvy running.

Also, will we get options that affect vech status' such as being able to have the MLRS have 360* rotation by default on all maps, or have Recon Bikes enabled on all maps? Or have a switch that allows Nod Mutants to be purchased by default on all maps or GDI able to field Spies? It seems a pain that the server admins and server community are forced to play by the mapmaker's rules, rather than their own. I never liked it in Renegade and still don't like it now.

As for gameplay questions, will we see a return of the viceroid spawn when you kill infantry with the chem sprayer (or rare occasion they die in Tiberium), and will it be more lethal AI-wise than the old Renegade version? I've seen alot of questions about the old mods being implemented but a fun one that was never mentioned was the ability to buy and purchase watchtowers (GDI) and Turrets (Nod) and place them all over the map as automated defenses. They still cost their amounts $500 and $700 respectively from C&C, just players were able to buy an extra one on each team to provide support or guard duty. That would be a server switch definitely appreciated by some circles in the community. Next, do you really have to put chainguns on the Chinooks? Really? At least instead let the players fire out of it with their weapons, turning it into a multipurpose unit, it can evac, deploy and provide some nice fire support depending on who is in it. I'd rather have a good Gunner and a Mobius ready to go or a pack of Havocs laying down the law than some monkey with a chaingun.

And finally, Renegade singleplayer had a really fun option left out of multiplayer....Airstrikes. Is there any way possible we could see this awesome army killer ability as a crate pickup? It'd be worthless against bases, but the A-10's were quite a sight to behold when they were fragging tanks and infantry.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

There's going to be many server side options offered with the mod. Things like vehicle limits, weapon drop, crates, mine limits, and many other features will all be up to the host. It'll be built into the game and you'll no longer need a server-side mod or a mutator for these things.

Chinooks are getting a chaingun on each side for the passengers, because as it is in C&C Renegade right now they're flying coffins.

As for some of the more complicated things such as A-10s, spies, mutants, and some other stuff you named that the original game didn't deliver, we probably will not be getting into that. Recon bikes and SSMs may be added on a custom map to replace the Nod APC and Artillery, but we're not quite there yet.

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