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Happy Birthday C&C!


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On August 31st 1995, Command & Conquer was born. The first game, which was named "Command & Conquer" and nicknamed "Tiberian Dawn", was released this day 13 years ago. I was about six when the game was released, and after playing the demo for many hours, it immediately made me fall in love with the series.

Although it started off as an RTS, our fellow game Command & Conquer: Renegade was the first C&C FPS to be released, which was based on the original Tiberian Dawn units and buildings, and the classic GDI and Nod.

C&C is one of the longest living game series in gaming history, with 7 games so far and 2 more in the upcoming year.

To celebrate the Anniversary of C&C, EA has released Red Alert 1 as freeware on their website. http://www.commandandconquer.com

And expect to see a Renegade X update very soon!

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Of course it's just a PR stunt for Red Alert 3 (who in their right mind celebrates a 13th anniversary?) like with releasing TD for free was for TW and they didn't include the expansion packs just like they didn't with TD.

But hey, free is free and some people have never played RA1 or lost their discs so it's good for them.

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I played the very first Red Alert WAY back when. I still have the CDs and i too have played the entire series. Im looking foward to RA3 im in the beta but go figure Vista PHAILS at everything & more so i cant play the beta. :(

I am looking foward to this mod :lol:

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already 13 years lololol damn .i still have TD ....well i got all original game with all original exp. well a C&C fan is a C&C fan :Pmaybe in 10 years ill be able to sell my collection $$$$$$$$$$$$ lol bah neva .. i dont have any prob Eroc with RA3 beta .. well renegade didnt want to run on my X86 verison of my vista, but run perfect on the X64 ... maybe its just a lil bug .... like my C&C 3 got error and dont want to start .. dunno why .. but C&C3 : KW work perfect

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