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Distribute Ren-X installation for LAN-party


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Thursday we have a LAN party planned at our campus. I hope to be able to introduce people there to Renegade-X. It's a unique FPS and one of the few I can trully enjoy (one of the other having been DUST514, which has been discontinued sadly).

To make installation go smoother I plan to provide people a local copy of the game so that they don't have to download the entire load individually. I have been looking into alternative means of installations and found the full download link as part installation option 3 in INSTALLATION/UPDATE AID.

Since that link doesn't hold the most up-to-date version, I take it the game will still need to be updated manually afterwards. Either via the new launcher of perhaps by other means?
To be on the safe side I'm also going to provide the UE3 redist.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

If you mean downloading on one computer and copying those files over to the others and then running launcher it will verify the files but unless something went wrong with copying the files or a new patch has been released in the meantime it shouldn't need to download anything.

Providing the UE3 redist is a good idea as the current version of the launcher doesn't automatically install it, the next version will but it's not out yet.

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