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Renegade X: Patch 5.64.3xx - Preliminary Changelist

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"Welcome Back, Commander!"

We are releasing preliminary patch notes to keep the community updated on our progress with Renegade X, although it may be slower than it used to be. We are expecting this patch to be pushed to live within the next couple weeks.



| Bug Fixes |

  • Fixed a bug where the Nuke crate would not damage infantry
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't switch to a different weapon once you used your C4 or grenade
  • Fixed a bug where Nod would not receive VP from building rewards in certain cases
  • Fixed a bug where the Repair Gun beam would go through certain walls in 3rd person mode
  • Fixed a bug where players would get kicked incorrectly for "ghost client"
  • Added another fix for the soundbug

| Changes |

  • Veterancy System
    • Added a 1 VP reward for destroying enemy AT mines

| Balance |

  • Marksman Rifle; Sniper Rifle; Ramjet Rifle:
    • Added a spread penalty while moving

| Visuals / Audio |

  • Fixed a bug where weapon attachments would spawn inside of the character mesh instead of their designated holsters
  • Fixed a bug where wheel particles effects continued to play while there was no driver
  • Fixed a bug where a white dot would remain when aiming down the sight
  • Fixed a bug where "{TEXT}" was visible when spotting commander abilities (Spy Plane f.e.)

| Maps |

  • Field
    • Fixed a bug where a material was missing from the bridge near the waterfall
  • Mesa
    • Aligned collision with the visuals of the landscape to prevent bullets from colliding with air
  • Tomb
    • Fixed an issue where grenades would fall through the ground around the Hand of Nod and Airstrip
  • Under
    • Fixed an issue where the Silo chimney particle effect didn't appear

Internal Revision: 12146

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