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Map and Commander Screen Suggestions


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Well, to preface this in an edit, I didn't realize there was already a map screen as I just jump right in when I play a new game and never studied the control screen in great detail. Just bear that in mind if you read rather than my editing everything. The nice thing is, these suggestions are already easier as most are already implemented save for the additional functionality. Who knew that "M" button already did something?! (sarcasm. How could I play this game so much for so long and never hit the "M" key?)


This suggestion contains a few ideas that would be meshed together in one package. They cover the following areas, Commander Interface, Navigation, and Communication.

The core of this would be the creation of a new Map screen, presumably opened with the hotkey 'M'. The map screen would do what's on the package and show a map of the current level. By default, the regular player would have limited use for the map except to gain a better idea of where they are in relation to the enemy base. On the larger maps, I've often found it easy to get turned around because there's little information conveyed on the minimap. For players, their main use of the map would be the ability to click on the map and place a custom waypoint that would show as a green dot on their minimap compass. This will help players to get back to the action and where they want to go much more quickly.

The maps would also display the locations of friendly troops as well as spotted enemy troops, much like the minimap already does. Also, the text of the last order given by the commander could be displayed at the bottom of the map screen.

Commanders would have a bit of extra utility on this screen. They would have the option to create a team-wide waypoint that would show as a red indicator on the minimaps of their respective team. This would allow them to more easily communicate rendezvous points in the field, areas that need specific reinforcement, or specific secondary buildings that need to be targeted like a turret or guard tower. This screen may also be useful in allowing the commander to shift the waypoint of the harvester without having to personally go to the new waypoint position, opening the door to new tactics like directing it onto the field to provide limited cover for an advance, delivering mines to vehicles around a corner, or attempting to crush enemy infantry.

When a player is a commander, the order display area at the bottom could be clicked on which would cause it to change to a text entry field for issuing new orders to the team. As a note, I suggest the current text display for commander orders be narrowed a bit. It often overlaps the in-game chat and covers what other players are saying.

It would possibly work best if there were two ways to view the map screen. A toggle key that would leave it on unless a button on the map was used to close the window or the toggle key was used again. The second way would be one that only displays the map so long as the key is held down, allowing for more rapid checks without interrupting action similar to how the tab screen works.

My last suggestion is specifically for the tab screen. One of the things some have expressed an easier way to find out is the status of the harvester. My suggestion is to simply put a symbol over the current harvester icon that would indicate it was paused, such as a translucent or opaque yield or stop sign outline.


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I'll uh.... think about it. Map waypointing is... kind of easy aside from requiring button design, which might be problematic due to the whole scene already being filled in Flash. The only big problem I see is that Commanders will no longer be able to move while pressing M. It wasn't a problem implementing that in Firestorm (which yes, would be a thing there), but not being able to move while pressing M in RenX might annoy some people

As for Harvy status, I'd prefer text for less texture requirement and importing, but eh.... let's see anyways. I'm sort of being pulled off RenX for awhile too, but until we have someone who can work with the UI better, it probably will fall on me to do all that

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Great! And thanks for the feedback. It's nice to see a developer directly responding to ideas. I think it shows how dedicated the team is to the fan base.

As to the not moving, what if there were two ways to get to the screen? The standard M in which you can still move. The other hotkey would be a more dedicated commander screen for setting the waypoints and sending commander messages.

Speaking of which, and slightly off topic, how do you do that? I saw it once in the commander tutorial when I experimented with it on a solo skirmish map, but forgot and can't seem to find it in the in-game help.

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