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Launcher works but when I join server “game does not show”


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Hi have been playing fine now for 3 days all of a sudden I played a game left the server went and made a cup of tea came back clicked on “launcher all good, clicked on server to join all good but you can hear the game playing but it does not show,   I click  game it flicks to black screen then flicks back to desktop with the game still running, any ideas please 

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Im just guessing here.

Have you recently been messing around with more than 1 screen at a time?
thinking if maybe the graphic card/windows is sending through the wrong port, or some "window mode" setting has changed.

Im assuming its doing that blinking between pitch black and desktop by itself, and that its not you tabbing.
unless its a setting change somewhere, id say the screen is starting to die.

can you start game without joining a server? just to see.
can you start any other game in the same resolution?

If the screen has just begun going bad, try turning it off for about 1 hour, pull the plug also.
then when its cooler, plug it back in and try running the game.

btw.... you didn't spill some tea on your keyboard? not even a drop?
if so unplug keyboard and plug in another, it could be locked into a shortcut command that minimizes window.

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