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CNC-Valley-Flying DL

Doesn't feel right uploading it onto the DL section.

Original Author: Evan Brooks. 

Edited by me. [With some assistance from Luhrian and fffreak]

I've taken Valley and applied 1 AA defence, Helipad and Repair Facility to both GDI and Nod bases, but removed the PowerPlants.

A majority of the map has mostly remained the same with exception of opening up the out-of-bounds areas behind the rocks beside the HoN and Barracks. 

Vehicle limit is 19, mine limit is 21. 

GDI Base:


Nod Base:


How to Install:

  1. Download the file from the hyperlink above
  2. Extract 'UDKGame' into your 'Renegade X' folder
  3. Files should extract without a hitch so long as you followed the first two steps correctly
  4. Boot the map via the Skirmish menu or...
  5. Harass a friend to upload the map onto their server so you can enjoy the map with other players or...
  6. Find a custom-map/test server hosting this map package or...
  7. Pester the dev's to add this version of Valley-Flying into the next patch


P.S. I fixed the Turret-Garrison stuck spot.


Edited by Madkill40
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