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How to Swap Weapons Quickly


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55 minutes ago, Luhrian said:

That's weird, the number keys still work for me. Would be screwed if not, cause my mouse wheel is broken. Maybe verifying your game integrety can fix your issue.

Game integrity resets settings which I want to avoid, before changing keybinds I performed this.

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I think your key kindings need a reset.

It's best to use the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 to switch weapons. This is by far the fastest and most effective way to change directly to the weapon you want. It doesn't take much to get used to it. It will become natural in no time.

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On 1/23/2021 at 5:34 AM, Newbie said:

Currently the number keys 1 - 9 no longer swap weapons and there's a cooldown delay whilst switching weapons using the mouse wheel. How do I disable the mousewheel delay and re-enable number keys to swap weapons?

  1. Make a copy of your UDKInput.ini as a reference. (go to Renegade X\UDKGame\Config... )
  2. Close the game completely, then restart. Ive had setbind commands not work until the game was closed, restarted (maybe INI wasn't updating correctly).
  3. After restart, load a skirmish game.
  4. Press F5 or ` (open console) > type god > Enter (so bots don't annoy your tests). and Givecredits (to test any character's weapon binds).
  5. Press F5 or `, type setbind one "GBA_SwitchWeapon1"  (you can copy this in Windows, then paste in game) > then press Enter.  Repeat for 2-0 (you can Alt-tab back to Windows, copy the next bind, go back to game, paste):  Setbind two "GBA_SwitchWeapon2" , setbind three "GBA_SwitchWeapon3" ... etc, setbind zero "GBA_SwitchWeapon0"
  6. Go to settings > input > manually set other keys for Grenade, etc. 1-0 for each weapon. I bind some main weapons to F, C = closer to the fingers ( setbind c "GBA_SwitchWeapon1" ). I bind Crouch to another key.
  7. Now test that each key is working correctly. If not, and you know you pressed the right key > then close the game (exit to Windows). Restart again. See if it now works in Skirmish. If not, bind again until it works.
  8. After keys work, close the game. Save a copy of this as UDKInput (working).ini.  The existing UDKInput.ini will stay in use (and maybe get modified later - so you can always go back to UDKInput (working).ini.
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