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Missle Lock-on Improvement


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When playing as a rocket officer, if my targeting reticle locks onto a tank that I do not want to shoot, I can still right click to fire the rocket straight. This is a useful ability and a great use of the alternate fire button. When using a stealth tank or MRLS the right click alternate fire is identical to the normal fire, and always shoots at a locked-on target. I would appreciate if those two tanks were given an alternate fire that ignored lock-on targets.

In addition, the small dot in the middle of the targeting reticle disappears when a target is locked on. This is particularly annoying when trying to rocket officer against a guard tower while remaining out of its line of sight. It makes it more difficult to shoot the tower, and sometimes I miss and fire my rocket through the gap in the guard tower. I would prefer if the targeting dot remained even after obtaining a target lock.

Just two small changes I think would improve the game slightly.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Right click for Stealth Tank and MRLS are already dumb fire just like the Missile Launcher, unless something changed and I didn't get notified for it. At the very least, it's dumb fire in the sense that it flies towards where you point, but ignores locking mechanism otherwise. It was designed that way because straight fire would go up due to the missile turrets not being able to aim that low

Will have to check about the dot. That might be an oopsie when I did the tweening lock effect

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