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Can't figure out how to load this mutator for skirmish


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Hi, so i was trying to load the Creative Mode mutator in skirmish mode and i know i put the .u file in the correct destination but it still doesnt seem to load. I figured it could have been when I rebound my keys so i reset the game and it still does not work when I load a skirmish game and press B i do not get the menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I tried the console command open CNC-Fort?mutator=Rx_CreativeMode.Rx_CreativeMode

So i made a bat file and put the follow in it, sadly it did not work either.

start Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe CNC-Field?mutator=Rx_CreativeMode.Rx_CreativeMode
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Sadly, just tried it and it did load field but the mutator does not load. I even tried pressing all the keys on my keyboard but the menu does not load for me. I know the mutator works because i played on a server with it but i cant get the mutator to load in my skirmish game still.

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