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Hello community!


We are looking for people who would be interested in helping maintain the wiki. This would involve things like adding pictures, updating stats on weapons based on new patches and writing content to fill in the pages and help document our game. This would include creating new pages and sections for Firestorm content, along with closed alpha/beta tester access. You will be working with @Sakura to revive and tidy up the wiki.

We wouldn't require a lot of time be devoted to it, but being active and wanting to do it are a must. Please contact @Sakura on the forums or Sarah on the Renegade X Discord.


Thank you!

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Beta 5.464... i wonder what would it take, what needs to be done, what has to exist, what is the requirement for the game to reach 1.0 offical launch.  With the upcoming Firestorm, i would think that the game is done, the beta is over and the game is now ready for expansions ala Firestorm. Because this was initialy Renegade X, just Renegade, not Tiberian Sun, not Tiberium Wars, just Tiberian Dawn. Would be cool if X would get the new additions Firestorm will have like Construction Yards.

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