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How to use Super Weapon Beacons on a Lan Server?


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Howdy folks,

Me and three buddies were playing renegade x on an offline server and added ten bots to each sides via the voting menu. However, I discovered that the ion cannon and nuclear missile beacons couldn't be purchased because that requires having 20 players in game, but there are only 4 of us and the 20 bots are not counting as extra players. Please is there any way to disable the need for 20 players to use the super weapons when it comes to a little lan party like mine?

Thank Y'all Kindly,


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40 minutes ago, HIHIHI said:


Navigate to this file in the Renegade X install your server is running on: UDKGame\Config\UDKRenegadeX.ini
and find this line: MinPlayersForNukes=20
and change 20 to whatever number you like, such as 0. That should do it. : )

Hope this helps!


Thank You Very Much! :) :) :) :) 

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